"Jory,  I am totally over the moon!  Your pastel arrived today in perfect condition thanks to your wonderful packing methods. The Facebook photo did not do it justice!  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful; the composition is spectacular!  It ticks all the boxes for me.  I am headed off first thing tomorrow to consult with my favorite framer to select just the right frame that will do justice to your work.  I'll send you a photo of the final product in a few weeks."
Maura West

“Jory has truly found her passion with pastels! It is a joy to see each painting she creates because every one of them comes straight from her heart. Her sense of color and composition and her choice of subject invite the viewer to see the world through her eyes. Enjoy her vision!”
Donna Rosetti-Bailey

“A born artist, Jory’s creative vision extends beyond the expected”.
Paula Zargaj

“Her enthusiasm about her work is contagious, refreshing and rare in my experience.”
Debra Dery

“You are such a delight to work with, yet professional every step of the way! “ 
Laura Wilson